Uncompromising Quality

Products which proudly bear our own label of Erwin Müller have to prove themselves to be distinguished by high quality materials and excellent workmanship. These items are put through their paces by our own quality
management team. Thus we can offer you 5 years warranty on all the products of bearing this label, in case of defects on materials or product processing.
Present us your invoice, and we will refund the full amount of the defect item. No warranty claims are accepted for damages or defects caused by operative and ordinary wear and tear, inappropriate usage or treatment. More information about our warranty conditions can be found here.
Select one from many different sizes of table lines!
Give no chance to stains! Clean table linen without washing!
Can't find the size you want? Contact us for customised sizes!
Add a very personal touch to your favorite products by using our embroidery service.
Some table lines are available by the metre for DIY-fans!